Monday, June 28, 2010

Baby with Bong Picture Sparks Outrage

A Florida mother has posted a picture of her baby "smoking" out of a bong on Facebook.

In a development surprising to no one but herself, the pic has gotten the attention of the Florida Department of Children and Families who have in turn launched an investigation into her parenting skills.

The 19-year-old mother is defending the photo. She claims it was taken as a joke and posted on Facebook so that she could show one of her friends.

The Florida Dept. of Children and Families isn't buying the explanation, and is now in the process of drug testing both the mother and the baby.

The unnamed mother has come forward and stated via Facebook, "If u look at the picture u can see that there is no bowl in the tabacco pipe...I would never ever ever let him get high."

If drugs were used by or found near the baby, she could face serious charges, including losing her 11-month-old son to the state of Florida.

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