Monday, May 10, 2010

Nintendo Declares Victory Over Sony - Eyes Apple Next

Just a month after Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime claimed that the iPhone wasn't a "viable profit platform for game development," along comes the company's president to pull the rug out from under him and say that, in fact, Apple is the primary "enemy of the future."

This is all from the Times Online, who says that Nintendo's CEO (Satoru Iwata) feels that the battle with Sony is a "victory already won," and clearly believes that the next wave of gaming won't be of the traditional sit-on-your-coach-and-slam-buttons variety.

Of course, the entire world knows that the PSP never has been able to hang with the Nintendo DS family, but to be fair the Nintendo Wii has a ways to go before it catches the PlayStation 2 in terms of global sales.  The competition with the Playstation 3 is non-existant as twice as many Wii Consoles were sold in the US last Christmas as compared to the Playstation 3.

But the War with Sony has now been declared over.  Now, after seeing profits tumble for the first time in six years, Nintendo is preparing to unleash the full force of its development and marketing artillery against Apple.

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  1. Sony is still in the game, I think it's funny so many people and groups are counting them out.
    ModNation Racers > Mario Kart

    Good luck taking on Apple, you're going to need it.

    I see it playing out like the New England Patriots versus the Oakland Athletics. They aren't even playing the same game.