Monday, May 10, 2010

Could Watching a 3D Movie Lead to Blackouts?

18-year-old college student Josh James went with friends to see the 3D film Alice In Wonderland starring Johnny Depp.  He liked his night at the movies but not the after effects which included blackouts and ended with Josh "standing in a country lane in the pitch dark, looking at my mangled car on its roof. Every panel and window was smashed in."

Amidst developing concerns about the effects of 3D movies and glasses on health and vision, Josh claimed that a blackout caused by adjusting to 3D had caused him to crash his car.

"It took ten minutes for my vision to adjust to 3D" he said. "My sight was unfocused - blurry one minute, fine the next. I also had a pain in my temples."

Then Josh blacked out while driving home.  He ended up cut, bruised and had a concussion after having crashed his mangled car during the blackout. The police gave him a breathalyser but said he'd had no alcohol that evening. Josh is convinced that the short blackout was caused by the 3D glasses and 3D effects in the movie.

A growing number of academics and health professionals are indeed warning that 3D entertainment and 3D media carry the risk of disturbed and altered vision, mental confusion, dizziness, headaches and possibly fits. Research at the University of California, Berkeley, discovered that watching 3D movies can provoke headaches and eyestrain.

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  1. and using a mouse will cause Carpal Tunnel syndrome, cell phones give you brain cancer, and sitting too close to the TV will cause your eyes to melt.

    I have heard the stories all before, this might be a concern to 1 in every 10 people or so.

    There is always this kind of concern when a new technology is still in it's fetal stages.

    I say, "duly noted...continuing on..." do not let this kind of news hinder forward progress. Besides if it took his eyes 10 minutes to adjust to 3D why didn't he allow atleast 10 minutes for them to adjust from 3D?

    Ain't nothing common about common sense I guess.