Friday, May 21, 2010

New 75th Anniversary DC Variant Cover Featuring the Joker!!

Gfest announced earlier in the week that as part of a line-wide celebration of DC Comics’ 75th, they will be rolling out a number of special variant covers by some of the biggest names in the industry. 

But these aren’t standard variants. No, these covers will take a classic image from DC’s illustrious history and present a new, re-imagined version by an all-star list of artists. To date, DC has unveiled a look at Mike Mingola’s take on the classic Detective Comics #168 cover, Eduardo Risso's take on Superman #233 and Lee Bermejo's Legion of Super-Heroes #294.

Yesterday, DC rolled out a classic cover to the Jerry Robinson’s Detective Comics #69 cover. This cover features  a looming Joker hovering over the Dynamic Duo.

The reinterpreted cover of  Detective Comics #69 is recreated by Walt Simonson and will serve as the variant to Detective Comics #866.