Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Shaq Wins "War of the Supermen" with Dwight Howard

Siegel & Shuster Society Endoreses Shaq as NBA's true Superman

Shaquille O'Neal is the NBA's Superman. He was really big, all but invincible, and generally overpowering. And free throws are his kryptonite. But make no mistake, Shaq genuinely loves Superman. He has a Superman tattoo, a Superman bed, a Superman car. He even once delayed a championship parade so he could attend the premiere of Superman Returns.

But then Dwight Howard won the dunk contest by putting on a Superman cape.  And Howard gained a new nickname which he ran with, instead of being classy and declaring that was Shaq's nickname.  That's kind of a jerk move.  Kind of like if Terrell Owens just started calling himself OchoCinco all of the sudden. 

But now Shaq has gotten his nickname officially endorsed by the society that represents the creators of Superman.  In the minds of gfest, the debate is now OVER.  Shaq wins.  Sorry Dwight.

The Siegel & Shuster Society said Cleveland's Shaquille O'Neal is the true "Superman" of the NBA, ending any debate that Orlando's Dwight Howard legitimately wears the cape.

The society, named after the Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, two Glenville kids who created Superman, wrote to tell the Cavs that its members "applaud Shaquille O'Neal's history promoting the Man of Steel, from proudly wearing the character's emblem tattoo to starring as John Henry Irons in the 1997 film Steel. But most of all, we thank him for being part of the excitement the Cavaliers have brought to Cleveland sports. It's a whole team of supermen!"

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