Thursday, April 1, 2010

Marvel Comics To Be On iPad - DC Comics Stuck in Dark Ages

On Saturday morning, Mac fans, tech heads and curious members of the public alike will doubtlessly line up in some form or fashion to be the first people to buy Apple's new iPad device. The question on most comic fans minds since its announcement in January has been when comics will be made available for download. And tonight, a first answer to that query came with the news that Marvel Comics will have a launch app ready for the iPad's first week on sale, produced by comiXology.

In the buildup to the iPad's weekend release, a variety of Web sites and news organizations have been offered advance reviews of the new device. In articles on USA Today and the Chicago Sun-Times, both mention the existence of the Marvel Comics app.

Sun-Times writer Andy Ihnatko says of the reading experience, “…this was a perfectly acceptable way to read the comic. I truly felt as if I was reading an issue of ‘Fantastic Four,’ not interacting with an application.”

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