Thursday, April 1, 2010

Blackest Night #8 - Twitter Sized Reviews

While the "highbrow comic industry expert" writers at sites like Newsarama, CBR and IGN chose to nitpick the Blackest Night series to death and be cheerleaders for failure, its clear that the "real comics community" absolutely LOVED what Geoff Johns did with the Blackest Night series.

Blackest Night #8 wow....just wow. Best "event" series since the original Crisis.

-- by theatomicgeeks

Wow. Go read Blackest Night #8 now. Then once you finish, read it again, taking your time to absorb each and every stunning page. Wow.

-- by jtkrul

Blackest Night 8 made me cry, dude. IT MADE ME CRY.

-- by JLanphear

BLACKEST NIGHT #8 Probably the greatest superhero comic you'll ever read. Just amazing.

-- by ComicsandMorePM

I had to change my underpants atleast 4 times reading Blackest Night 8.

-- by iBobbyWilson

Blackest Night #8 made all those tie-ins worth it. Issue is so good it hurts.

--  by @JimSeals01

Blackest Night #8 just rocked my ass! Such an awesome series and ending!!

-- by Danubus

Umm... yeah. So. 'Blackest Night' #8? MELTED MY FACE. 

-- by Salloria

Blackest Night 8 is one of the best comic book issues I've ever read. Ranks with the final issues of Rebirth, COIE, & Watchmen

-- by erikescuro

Blackest Night 8 just mindfucked the shit out of me. In so many good ways. 

-- by kristalantern

Blackest Night 8 = Jizz in my pants!

-- by Krysalid

Oh wow, Blackest Night 8 is just awesome on top of awesome

-- by Mark_Roy

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