Thursday, November 4, 2010

FarmVille Superhero Costumes Pulled At the Request of DC Comics?

I have never played FarmVille. It must be a decent or highly addictive game because I am shocked by the amount of people that play FarmVille. I am not criticizing mind you. I've been addicted to Civilization, Sim City, Roller Coaster Tycoon to name just a few.

Apparently, A little while ago, FarmVille was offering costumes to its players, named, respectively SuperFarmvilleMan and SuperFarmvilleWoman. And now… it’s not.  Not only are they not available to purchase, they have been removed from the accounts of those who bought them in return for refunds. reports the following information about the removal of the "Super" FarmVille costumes:
The most obvious reason for these costumes being removed (while all other costumes are still available for purchase) is that Zynga received a knock on their door from DC Comics, who own the rights to Superman. Whether it was a phone call slap on the wrist or an actual Cease and Desist letter, we’re not sure… However, something fishy is definitely going on.
What do you think?  DC pull the plug?  Do you care?  Probably not but it's a slow news day.

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