Monday, October 25, 2010

Zach Snyder Talks Superman Movie & Batman vs. Superman Possibility

In an interview with a British newspaper, the Superman Director Zach Snyder talks more about getting the job, working with Chris Nolan, Batman vs. Superman, it's association to past movies and the rumored $175 million budget...

Here are the main excerpts from The Daily Telegraph interview:

You’re directing the next Superman movie: that’s quite a gig. How do you feel about taking on the superhero that everyone loves?
It’s very exciting. Do I feel responsible? Look, as a fan, I want to make it awesome, so in that way I feel responsible. There’s an amazing film in there to be had, and I’m excited to get at it.

You’re working with Christopher Nolan, director of the last two Batman films. Is there a conflict of interest there? Batman v Superman?
He is a generous and amazing talent and as a producer super-supportive even in just the few weeks we’ve been talking about it.

What can you say about it at this stage?
Nothing. It’s very early in the process and it’s going to be famously guarded. So there’s very little to be said other than I’m a huge fan and I’m excited to get started on this.

It’s going to be a reboot of the franchise...
In the sense that it doesn’t really owe anything to what’s happened before cinematically.

And apparently you’re getting $175 million to play with...
I have no idea. Nobody has said anything to me about that, but I’ll quote that at them. It’s a good place to start in the negotiations.

I doubt Superman and Batman ever share the same screen because of the guidelines set by DC and Warner Brothers, but I would be lying if I told you I wasn't excited that Synder said, "we’ve been talking about it."

What do you think?  Is there any realm of possibility Superman and Batman will be in the same movie.

via: Comic Book Movie


  1. I hope not. Never cared for it in the comic books as well. I always felt Batman worked best in story lines when he was unique - something people never heard of and feared. The very existence of other heroes in the universe undermines the fear the mantle of the bat is supposed to provoke. Why fear some mortal like Batman when you've got immortals like Superman that could grind Batman into the dirt? I like the idea of all characters being human and utilizing their own skills and knowledge to become good or evil. The Joker, Two-Face, Scarecrow, etc., are all flawed human beings - driven to insanity or greed by their own doing or the doings of some other earthly event. No matter how powerful they become, they are still, nonetheless, human. I know it seems ridiculous to request "realism" in a superhero movie, but that's what I'm requesting nonetheless, when it comes to Batman. Leave the other-worldly stuff to Green Lantern, Superman, Spidey, and the X-gang. I'll continue to watch their stuff as well so long as they stay true to their own realities.

  2. Now Darren, Batman has shown time and again he's always prepared to take down a kryptonian, even Darkseid once.