Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tom Hardy To Play Harvey Bullock In Batman 3: "The Dark Knight Rises"?

It seems like everyday a new Batman 3 nugget is released into cyberspace.  Yesterday, we received the wonderful news that the third film in Christopher Nolan's Batman franchise finally has a title, The Dark Knight Rises.”  We also learned from Nolan that the Riddler is NOT the villain in Batman 3. So much for the rumor that Tom Hardy will pay the Riddler.  If Hardy is not the Riddler, what role will he have in the "Dark Knight Rises?"
Well IMBD  updated their cast list for TDKR with Tom Hardy listed as Detective Harvey Bullock (rumored of course). Is this accurate or hoax?  Comic Book Movie gives us their take on the IMBD rumor, "I realize this must be taken for what it is. IMDB don't even post any news source for the info. But the thing is, once in a blue moon they actually get a few things right. IMDB had actor JJ Field listed as Montgomery Falsworth(Union Jack) in Captain America TFA before any other news site did, and that has since been confirmed. So I figured this was worth reporting on the off chance."

I think Hardy would play a good Bullock.  Put a some fat on his bones, stick a cigar in his mouth, a fedora on his head, a sandwich in his hand and he may will be a perfect Bullock.  

What do you think?  Is this a good role for Hardy knowing that the Riddler will not be the villain in the new Nolan movie?  Let us know.  

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  1. I really thought Nolan was going to deliver a dementedly ingenious Riddler, who would develop a grand cerebral puzzle for Batman and the audience to battle through. But, maybe that direction wasn't a good fit for this film acting as the "end" for the batman story. I think the only way to insure this movie stands out amongst the past films, is that it truly ENDS the story. Similar to how the Dark Kight Returns "ENDS" the legend. Something major needs to take place, so that there is no chance of sequels (for Nolan's continuity, at least)