Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Now Zoidberg is the Popular One - Best Dr. Zoidberg Halloween Costumes

I was thinking of my favorite television characters and it hit my, "Why Not Zoidberg?"

You can't think of Futurama without our favorite crustacean Dr. John A. Zoidberg. In honor of my love for Decapodian's most famous son, I thought it was time to honor him with a few photos of earthlings attempting to be Dr. Zoidberg.

"Woop, Woop, Woop, Woop." Hooray!

"Talk to the Claw."  Thanks to Kreld at DeviantART for this Great Zoidberg Picture

Thanks to the Generous King for this Picture

Thanks to KnitPurl for this Picture

" And I'm his friend, Jesus! " Thanks to LucerinRED for this picture

Thanks to Eric--Cartman for this picture

Thanks to cosplay for this picture

Just because it's funny.  Picture by Blepharopsis

 Thanks to College Humor

Thanks to Yad. Craby

Thanks to Mixed Spleens

I know it's not Dr. Zoidberg but I do love the Robot Devil and this costume is fantastic. Thanks to minute_man_yancy_fry