Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mark Millar's NEMESIS gets $150 Million Budget & Top Gun Director

I am one of the few people within my circle of comic book geek friends that enjoys Mark Millar's "Nemesis." Batman has always been my favorite character in any genre, hands down. I enjoy the twist of having a "Bruce Wayne" type character on the other side of the law. Batman can stop anyone using his money, intelligence and/or physical attributes It's nice to read a story where we try to find someone or something that can stop an evil Batman with these same abilities.

So I was excited when Mark Millar and artist Steve McNiven’s antihero story “Nemesis” is going to be brought to life with "Top Gun" and "Enemy of the State" director Tony Scott.

Here are some things we know about the film from Mark Millar.

“They reckon the budget on this thing will probably be around $150 MILLION mark. It’s a very expensive film, it’s got a lot of big set pieces,” he told MTV News while promoting his recently launched "CLiNT" comics magazine. “So the nice thing is, it means we can hopefully afford who we want to work with.”

Millar said he discussed who he’d like to see in the title roles with Scott recently, and told the filmmaker, “In my head I saw Johnny Depp versus Brad Pitt, and he said, 'Well, that sounds good,’ and he has some of his own ideas as well. He’s just going to go around and get a script together and then take it out and see what he can find.

“Tony Scott has to be at the top of the list, he’s a Hollywood legend. Every single person in the country probably has at least one of his movies on DVD," said Millar. "So the idea of Tony Scott doing a superhero movie in itself would be exciting, the idea of doing mine is just crazy. It’s something I’m very, very exciting about.”

Source: MTV

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