Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Making of The Walking Dead - 17 Minute Feature

It's like a Halloween came early this year! 

Robert Kirkman's AMC series The Walking Dead is nearing its TV premiere date on Halloween night on AMC and gfest can't wait!  We've seen little clips and trailers that have all been awesome, but nothing compares to this new 17 minute behind the scenes feature.  Watching this should give you all the assurances you need that AMC and Frank Darabont are taking this project seriously and that they are doing it right.

The feature includes interviews with Darabont, where he talks about how AMC has had no problems with including a lot of extremely violent content in the show. This show sure looks like its going to blow people away, not to mention how many zombies will be blown away in the process.

If you've ever read The Walking Dead, you have to watch this behind the scenes video below and tell us what you think! But we are officially in love! 

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