Thursday, October 7, 2010

Girl Plays Jingle Bells with Her Enormous Breasts

Yes, this is a girl who has learned how to play Jingle Bells with a straw and her boobs - her rather large boobs that is. She even admits that for this trick to work, its really preferred that you have huge boobs. 

The question is, how do you think she learned that she could blow on a hard object stuck between her boobs and make men happy by doing do?  I wonder.   

Girl Plays Jingle Bells With Cleavage Kazoo - Watch more Funny Videos


  1. Anybody would have an erection in his pants looking at her beautiful breasts and lovely cleavage, looks good in that outfit that highlights it well. Really unique trick you look good doing it. Wish I saw someone do it firsthand though.

  2. Your breasts look gorgeous with that straw between them in the middle of your bustline and you groping your bosom feeling, you look lovely.

  3. If the feminists from the seventies wouldnt have brainwashed you and all women throughout the world any compliment about your breasts and cleavage I would have spoken to your face but you would probably have the audacity to call the cops on me, instead of thanking me and meaning it.

  4. She's the kind of woman I can tell that if I dreamed about her tonight I would have an orgasm while I was asleep. That would be a blast if you know what I mean? Anybody would have a nocturnal emmission or wet dream which ever you wish to call it dreaming of her.