Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Variant Cover to ACTION COMICS #894 - Luthor meets Gaiman's Death

We've been anxiously awaiting next month's issue of Action Comics because of a special guest star: Neil Gaiman's famous character Death.

Death is the second oldest of the Endless, and a major character in Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, which, though neither Vertigo or DC mention it very often, is a part of the DC Universe. Apparently, she has a date with Lex Luthor.

Ok, not a literal date, but that would explain why she’s bringing him flowers. It would also niche nicely with the effect she has on any mortal she meets before their actual death: they fall in love with her.

According to The Source:  "Luthor, as fans of the series know, is in the midst of a storyline that takes him on a winding and dangerous quest for power – a quest that will bring the megalomaniacal villain into close proximity with characters in and beyond the far reaches of the DC Universe."

Up top is the VARIANT cover of Action Comics #894 by P. Craig Russell. AWESOME!

Via: The Source and Geekosystem

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