Thursday, September 2, 2010

Scott Pilgrim Named One of Summer's Biggest Losers

The fine folks at have released their list of the summer movie season's biggest winners and losers. it should come as no big surprise that animated movies were named the summer's biggest winners.  The success of the latest Shrek movie, Despicable Me and Toy Story 3 is hard to argue with.

Sadly, Michael Cera was named one of the summer's biggest losers, based on his performance in Scott Pilgrim vs the World, and the movie's overall lack of success.  Here is what they had to say: 

Michael Cera

As Scott Pilgrim vs. the World continues to stink up the box office, poor Michael Cera has (unfairly or not) been handed much of the blame. The anti-Cera craze online reminds me of the anti-Shia movement years ago. I never understood the anti-Shia thing and I don't really get the anti-Cera thing either. But the Internet hath spoken. Don't worry, Michael, this too shall pass. Oh, and I loved Scott Pilgrim, buddy.

Gfest has always been a fan of Michael Cera.  We think he's a genuinely funny guy, but we're starting to think that he may not be that great of an actor.  He does seem to play the exact same character in every movie.  Is that Hollywood's fault for always casting him in those roles, or Cera's fault for not being able to convince the audience that his rolls are different?  

I'm not smart enough to know if Michael Cera is to blame, but I know that I didn't buy into him as Scott Pilgrim.  The movie was fantastic.  The rest of the cast was fantastic.  But I wasn't able to get past the fact that I was watching Michael Cera in the movie and not Scott Pilgrim. 

So maybe gfest is on the anti-Cera bandwagon.  But we still love him!


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