Monday, September 27, 2010

The Most Fascinating Comic Book Tattoo in The World

Here is a guy with one of the most impressive / disturbing set of comic book tattoos we've ever seen.  You have to respect the amount of pain this guy went through to express his love for the Teen Titans and X-Men.

Having said all of that, the presentation of his tattoo masterpiece needs some work - like a lot of work.  Here's five quick suggestions:

1. You're not Pa Kent out on the farm, lose the bright red fireman suspenders.

2. Speaking of bright red, do I see a pair of red lace panties peeking out at me?  WTF?

3. He's already got the closeted gay vibe going with the lace panties, yet he leaves the tramp stamp area blank?  Why?  Does he not want to appear to be TOO gay?

4. If you're going to get a mohawk, be proud of it and show that bad boy off.  Lose the hat.

5. Our last suggestion is to have the Beast Boy tattoo redone and slightly moved, so that this guy's nipple is right in line with where Beast Boy's penis would be.  So that it looks kind of like this:

And that's how you turn an awesome tattoo into an epic one.     

Image courtesy geekologie

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  1. Did you mention your 5 point plan to him at the time? Noooo, you'd have probably got your ass kicked. I love they way you took time to cut his nipple out on Ps.

    kiss kiss