Thursday, September 23, 2010

Maybe Wonder Woman's New Costume Should Just Be Body Paint

If you are an avid reader of gfest, then you probably don't care much for Wonder Woman's new costume, even if it was designed by the legendary Jim Lee. 

Designing new costumes is tricky business.  Its somewhat rare for a new costume to be universally loved upon introduction.  Some have become popular over time, but many eventually vanish and are never seen from again.  We suspect that will eventually be the case with the new Wonder Woman pantsuit. 

Having said all that, gfest is willing to stake its reputation that the above body paint costume would be universally loved and adored the day it was unveiled. 

Are we wrong?


  1. Yeah! This is the amazon's way! ;D

  2. oh hell yeah, i'm all for that =D

  3. lol the whole point of wonder woman was that she wasn't supposed to be another of man's pinup gallery... sadly and obviously that ship has sailed