Monday, September 20, 2010

Eminem Lobbying to Play The Riddler in Next Batman Movie?

There hasn't really been that much information released about the next Batman film, but that doesn't mean that there hasn't been a mountain of rumors flying around about who will be playing The Riddler.  The latest casting rumor:  Eminem wants the role of the wacky villain.

Reports from The Daily Express out of England claim that Eminem is going to whatever he can to land the infamous role of the Riddler once played by Jim Carrey.  To get Director Christopher Nolan's attention, the rapper has gone as far as to pen some dope batman related lyrics: "When it comes to business, you know I ain't no fiddler; You tell them Batman biggies, I wanna play The Riddler!" 

I hope he has more of an audition planned than that.

Eminem's people apparently confirmed that he has spoken to the producers of the new Batman film about the Riddler role, but he will be facing stiff competition from actual actors like Johnny Depp and Joseph Gorden-Levitt who are allegedly on Nolan's list.

Depp's involvement in the film was debunked over a year ago, but he has expressed interest in playing the character.  Gorden-Levitt on the other hand was said to be on a Warner Bros 'casting grid' for their next film and has been listed as "interested".

Gfest isn't anti-Eminem, but casting him as the Riddler?  That's not a good fit at all.  We're ready to throw this rumor in the junk pile.  We just can't see this one eventually being true.

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  1. I agree, it doesn't sound like a good fit. Nor do I think that Nolan will agree on casting someone with such little experience as an actor. It's not like Joel Schumacher is at the helm of this picture. :)