Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cover to the Larfleeze CHRISTMAS SPECIAL Comic is Revealed

Move over Grinch, it's time to see How the Larfleeze Stole Christmas.

DC Comics announced that in December, Orange Lantern Larfleeze will get his very own Christmas special one shot comic book.   Larfleeze, who easily has gfest's vote as the best new character introduced in comic books recently has his hopes set on everything Christmas-related, including Santa Claus. And nothing, not even the heroes that populate the DCU are going to stand in his way.

The issue will be written by Green Lantern and Blackest Night mastermind Geoff Johns with art by Brett Booth and a sterling Gene Ha cover (seen above).

I also like that Larfleeze seems to have stolen the Rockettes from Radio City Music Hall.  Larfleeze wants a little lovin' for Christmas apparently. 

DC Direct Blackest Night: Series 3: Orange Lantern Larfleeze Action Figure

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  1. Love Larfleeze.. his justo so funny!