Tuesday, September 28, 2010


DC's The Source released these images for BRUCE WAYNE – THE RETURN HOME, a series of one-shot specials spotlighting the many key players in Batman’s world, "spotlighting not only their attempts to defeat a looming threat, but also to come to terms with the return of their mentor, father figure and friend – for better or worse."

I am very excited to have Bruce Wayne back in Gotham and wearing the cowl.  I don't know exactly how DC will pull this off with all the various story-lines surrounding Bruce, Dick, Tim, Damien, Hush, Brightest Day, JLI, etc., but just knowing the real Batman is back ( don't f*ck it up Grant & Dan) will suffice for now.

My only concern is how DC tends to operate in these situations - One Shots!  I dislike when they do this because traditionally the stories are always sub-par and it usually results in me wasting $3.99 for each of these issues that for all intent and purpose have no relationship to the actual "Event."

Below are the images from the various one-shots that DC will release next month in honor of BRUCE WAYNE: THE RETURN HOME.

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