Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Avengers Discuss Their New Health Care Plan [NSFW Video]

First it was the Tea Party, Sarah Palin and Republicans members of Congress and now it's the Avengers - government run health care (or Obama Care as it is known in some circles) touches everyone, even earth's mightiest superheroes.

You will laugh through "Avengers Assemble! Episode 1: Healthcare," in which a group of cosplaying comedians imagine how Earth's Mightiest Heroes might respond to today's hot-button issue.

The sketch sees Tony Stark addressing the team's new health plan, with each Avenger inadvertently revealing their health care needs as they inquire about how reform impacts their lives. Scarlet Witch is worried about her artificial domestic partner and imaginary children, Hawkeye's worried about STD's and unwanted pregnancies, Thor feels marginalized as a god from another realm and Wolverine is just happy to be Canadian.

Check out the video below (beware language may not be appropriate for work). via comicbook alliance

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