Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Walt Disney Releases TRON LEGACY Movie Poster

Walt Disney Pictures have dropped an international poster for the forthcoming Sci Fi 3D bonanza "Tron Legacy."  The poster features Jeff Bridges as the first film's hero Flynn, looking like he is in a Wachowski brothers movie. 

I remember the original "Tron" movie and back  in my day it was the coolest thing to come along since Ocean Pacific (OP) clothes.  Motorcycles and neon/black lights in 1982 were very cutting edge.  Plus, the video game (we had to leave home and play games in an arcade) was nothing short of mind blowing. 

I am very excited to see "Tron Legacy", but I am concerned that it may not translate to the younger demographic that it needs to capture to offset it's huge budget.  I grew up on "A-Team" television series and enjoyed the "A-Team" move, but we all know that movie flopped.   Hopefully, original special effects and very good 3D will carry this movie and allow it to find a younger fan base.  We'll wait and see.

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