Friday, August 6, 2010

Supergirl and Damien Team-up in SUPERMAN/BATMAN #77 and Why I am Starting to Like Damien Wayne

I will be the first to admit, I did not like Damien Wayne when he was introduced as a character into the Batman family. In my opinion, the Bat family was already too crowded with Bruce, Dick, Jason, Tim, Barbara, Stephanie, etc. I found Damien's character to be the Scrappy Doo or Kazoo of the Batman family.

Now, I am starting to come around about Damien. I like the dynamic he throws into the relationships in and around the Bat family. I especially love the tension between Tim and Damien. The writing of Damien by Grant Morrison Chris Yost and Fabian Nicieza is fantastic. Damien is smart, sharp and very quick witted. Damien's dialogue with Tim is funny and useful to help shape the story of the Bat family in the future. Don;t get me wrong my favorite part of any Tim and Damien encounter is still seeing Red Robin kicks Robin's little pompous butt around Gotham city.

That's why the recently announced team-up of Damien and Supergirl has me really intrigued. I can't wait to read the dynamic between the two. Especially, since Kara and Tim have such a good relationship.

SUPERMAN/BATMAN #77 by writer Joshua Williamson puts the teenage Supergirl together with the talented but rather exasperating new Robin, Damian Wayne. Featuring art by Alé Garza, the issue shows the two heroes facing off against a threat that ties into Blackest Night.

When the issue showed up in October's solicitations, SUPERMAN/BATMAN #77 immediately caught the imagination of comics fans, who guessed at how the pair might interact. After all, they didn't get along so well during their brief encounter in Sterling Gates' World's Finest mini-series.

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