Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New DCU Online Trailer Demonstrates the Beauty of Custom Storylines

Everyday, I wake up and count the days until the new DCU online game will be released.  We've had discussions, teasers, pictures, videos, etc. and I cannot take it anymore.  I want this game.  No, I need this game.  You can sing the praises of all the other massive online games that are currently available or will be available soon, but none of them will hold a candle Jim Lee's baby.

The new trailer shows off brand new in-game footage demonstrating how every player can immerse themselves in a custom storyline defined by their character choice and decisions made within the game. A few armored villain characters are depicted clashing with members of the JLA (with pretty impressive force) in and around sprawling locations rooted in DC lore, while opposing heroic characters seem to aid champions like Wonder Woman in their respective fights against injustice.

Source Comics Alliance

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