Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Green Lantern Medical Corps Tops My New Comic Wish List

Gail Simone is one heck of a comic book writer and isn't shy about sharing her opinions on pretty much any subject.  If you don't believe me, go follow her on Twitter and see for yourself.  Recently, she asked the very intriguing question of why isn't there a "female Green Lantern book." 

The Green Lantern Universe is PERFECTLY situated for having a strong female lead character.  I mean we've seen squirrels, bugs and large alien blobs join the Corps.  And although we do have several strong female Green Lanterns, I would argue that none have really broken through the glass ceiling.  I realize that's a very debatable and subjective statement, and I'm sure the Boodika Fan Club will take offense.  But in my mind, the Green Lanterns from Earth always lead the way, and they are all guys.

Then I found this really interesting pitch about a new comic book that not only would provide a new and interesting look into the life of the Green Lantern Corps in general, but also provide for a Green Lantern Comic Book with a female lead.  It's called the Green Lantern Medical Corps, and I really like it. 

So here's the pitch:

The Green Lanterns are an intergalactic peacekeeping organization, operating much like police officers with different precincts around the universe. However, the sorts of problems that would confront a Green Lantern in active duty are not often explored. Upholding intergalactic law and arresting space criminals is one facet of the many things a GL would be faced with in active duty.

What about disease? What about medical emergencies? If a deranged space pirate shoots an innocent bystander, how does a Green Lantern care for this victim?

The US Military Branches have what are called Medical Corps units to care for fellow soldiers as well as innocents effected by the conflict. There is absolutely no reason the Green Lantern Corps wouldn’t as well.

This has already been alluded to several times. We know that the Green Lantern’s have a Medical Bay, led by Dr. Soranik Natu, however I believe there are a wealth of stories to be told here that are largely ignored.

Soranik Natu is an extremely compelling character. She is a brilliant doctor and surgeon, and well respected leader the Green Lantern Corps. She is also the daughter of Sinestro, an ex-lantern and sworn enemy of the corps. Inheriting Sinestro’s ring is difficult enough, but finding out you are the CHILD of a sociopath mass murderer is quite a burden. Soranik Natu would be the primary character and leader of the Green Lantern Medical Corps.

The basic premise behind the Green Lantern Medical Corps would be built around Soranik’s desire to undo the damage of her father around the universe. Working in the Green Lantern Medical Bay is an important job, but it primarily involves assisting fellow Green Lanterns. Soranik would want to take her medical skills and use them, not only in her home sector, but throughout the universe.

Thus, the Green Lantern Medical Corps would be assembled.  Doctors without borders - Doctors without fear. Soranik and her team of Green Lantern Medical Professionals would be the first responders to any emergency.

Imagine having to perform an emergency field surgery on a species of alien you have never encountered before? Having to cure diseases that have become self aware? Providing care for dangerous creatures that arguably have no right to live? This is the thrill of working for the Green Lantern Medical Corps.

Questions for the series to answer:

Who would become the members of the Medical Corps?

Is a GL Medical Corps Ring different than an ordinary GL Ring?

What happens when a Blue Lantern assists the GL Medical Corps?

How will Sinestro react to his daughter’s new initiative?

How does the White Light effect the goals of the Medical Corps?

How do GL Medical Corps members deal with intergalactic cultural issues, and what role do they play in times of inter species war?

These questions and many more could be answered by a Green Lantern Medical Corps ongoing series and to me would make for a very interesting and different take on the Green Lantern franchise.

What do you think? 



  1. I think that's cool but it still seems prejudiced that the female is of course a doctor/surgeon and not just a macho character that will kill everyone. Altho I am sure there is plenty of that. Also when you post and say people should follow someone you need to put their username in the post.

  2. Gail Simone's twitter username is @GailSimone

    And this is a really interesting idea. I do agree that having the only female Green Lantern book be one about doctors, but it's already established that Soranik is the head of the Green Lantern's Medical Bay which could easily be translated to her being the head of a Medical Corps.

  3. I'm sold on this idea, BRB, gonna write a thousand letters to DC to see that this is made

  4. They just launched a third Green Lantern book. MAYBE as a mini-series, but Green Lanterns are SUPPOSED to take care of their individual sectors*. Seriously, its never been an issue. There was a short time period where Katma Tui, also of Korugar, was almost the star of the Green Lantern Corps books. There was a short time when Jade was Green Lantern with Kyle out in space. Heck, she's Green Lantern in the Justice League now, so whatever. Maybe you'll have better luck in the 31st century with the Legion Green Lantern subplot.

    That said, you'd HAVE to put Leezle Pon, the super intelligent smallpox virus, on such a team. He wants justice, you know.

    *unless they're specifically directed otherwise by the Guardians, or impossible to control like Guy Gardner, or the last Green Lantern (tm) like Kyle Rayner.

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