Wednesday, July 28, 2010

WB wants MAD MEN'S Jon Hamm as Next Superman

We already know that Christopher Nolan is producing, David Goyer writing and Jonah Nolan possibly heading-up the next Superman movie. But, we do not know the answer to the biggest question for the December 2012 reboot, Who will be the new Superman?

Since the confirmation of a new Superman movie a plethora of names have been rumored to become the Man of Steel.  According to Comic Book Movie, thirty-nine year, old Mad Men star (and Lex Luthor in hilarious funny or die video), Jon Hamm is being seriously considered for the role of Superman.

Hamm certainly looks the part of Clark Kent and does a wonderful job on Mad Men.  I just don't know if a 40 year old can pull of the Man of Steel.  Then again, Harrison Ford is still playing a bad-ass at sixty-eight years of age and Robert Downey Junior is doing a fantastic job as Tony Stark in the Iron Man films at age forty-five.

In the end I highly doubt Hamm is the choice especially if you look at the longevity of the project.  We must assume that Warner Bros. will want more than one Superman film.  We will most likely see a trilogy and hopefully at least one Justice League movie.  That puts Hamm at over 50 before the run may end.

All we can do is wait and see.

Source: comicbookmovie

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  1. I would seriously jump up and down like a little school girl seing her first birthday gift on the kitchen table. I was watching Mad Men last night and always ponder what a GREAT Superman Jon Hamm would become if he would be given the role of the new reboot. I've been a big HAMM FOR SUPERMAN fan ever since the early talks of the reboot. When I see Hamm, I can't help but hear the Supes theme in my head. He is MY Superman I've always pictured off of image of what Superman looks like..