Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Was Chloe Sullivan the Worst Announcement at SDCC?

Let me first start by stating I am a fan of Smallville.  Like many Superman and comic book fans, Smallville is extremely frustrating at times and the nine year run has been, at times, hard to watch.  The "no tights, no flights" motto always pissed me off, but I stuck with it because, well, it's Superman.

Back in 2007, there was talk of Smallville's Chloe Sullivan making the jump from the long-running TV show to the comics world. Thankfully, it ended up not happening at the time.

I cannot stand the character of Chloe Sullivan (I do NOT have a problem with Allison Mack) mainly because she does not fit into the Superman world.  She was a friend of high school Clark Kent, but now that we are in the Metropolis her character does not work in the story.  She has become the Oracle of Metropolis and the leader of the quasi "Justice League."  I find that to be very, very annoying.
So when I heard the announcement that Chloe will appear in the Jimmy Olsen co-feature that's debuting in Action Comics #893 and being written by Nick Spencer a little piece of me died.  Damn you Chloe.  You escaped death too many times.

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  1. At least it wasn't announced that Chloe would be a character in the upcoming Superman film reboot. Of course, no one said she wouldn't be in the film, either. ;)

  2. Good Lord, that never crossed my mind.

  3. Maybe we'll be lucky and she'll die a horrible screaming death in the comics. Of course i hate Smallville, so maybe I'm biased.

  4. I love Smallville and Chloe is the best part of it. Allison is much better actress than Tom, and the caracter is so cute, fun, I just love it. The only reason not to like her is that she not in the superman history. Bur hey, must things in smallville is not in the superman history. the show is all about "make it's on version of superman history", so, why not have her? At the comics, of corse, she need to be diferent, but will be nice see her.