Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Star Wars Wallpaper A to Z

Masterbarkeep on Deviant Art provided us this unique Star Wars picture.  Can you name these Star Wars characters from A-Z?


  1. akbar, boba, chewie, darth, emperor, ?, greedo, han, IG88, jaba, ?, luke, moff tarkin, nien nunb, obi, princess, quarren, r2d2, storm trooper, storm trooper, translator, ugnaught, ?, not sure why ewok is w, x wing pilot, yoda and ?

  2. Translator is Actually Threepio
    The Ewok is "Wicket"
    The guy after Ugnaught before Wicket is Veers.
    The last one is Zuckuss.

    I cant think of F andI have no idea who N is.

  3. I think F is 4-Lom or (Four-Lom)