Wednesday, July 14, 2010

PREVIEW: THE KILLER: Modus Vivendi #4 (If You're Not Reading it, Start)

I cannot say enough about THE KILLER.  It is hard to find a comic book on the market today as refreshing and engaging as this book.  The first two story arcs were fabulous.  The art and dialogue were top notch and the story itself contained numerous plot threads that all were weaved together well by the end of each particular story.  If you need more convincing, Brad Pitt's production company bough the rights to this book.

Thank heavens the creators of this wonderful story decided to keep THE KILLER alive (no pun intended) by releasing a third story arc entitled, "Modus Vivendi," which loosely means "agree to disagree."  If you have not read THE KILLER head over to your local comic shop or click here to purchase the first two volumes.  If you're all ready on board, enjoy the preview of "Modus Vivendi #4"
Ordinary People, Part 2. The Killer’s involvement with the Cuban agent Katia deepens, and he is once again drawn to wondering about his place in the world. Things in Venezuela go as planned but now our Killer is caught in the middle of a high-stakes play between the Americans and the Cubans.
Mature Readers (series contains Nudity, Graphic Violence and Adult Content)

Source Major Spoilers

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