Monday, July 26, 2010

One Sharpie to Rule the Comic/Animated World

If you're Jim Lee, Frank Quietly, Ivan Reis, David Finch, Robert Kirkman, Alex Ross, Doug Mahnke, Tony Daniels, I could go on and on, what's better than drawing and sketching with a Sharpie?  Drawing and Sketching with a Stainless Steel Sharpie.

This fine-tipped permanent marker features a stainless steel barrel with a laser-etched Sharpie logo, a replaceable ink cartridge, and a matching cap.

Next time you are at a Con or some place where you're fortunate enough to see one of your favorite illustrators or cartoonist, I bet they will be using this classy little beauty.

Like Gollum, if you can't live without this pen, that looks like it may have been born from the fires of of Mt. Dooms, head over to the Sharpie site: Stainless Steel Sharpie ($8) and buy your precious.

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