Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mattel's 2010 Comic Con Exclusives

SDCC 2010 is almost here.  While we all wait anxiously for the panels, discussions, tributes, etc we do have the opportunity to satisfy some of our SDCC needs immediately.  Toys! Toys! Toys!  SDCC has many, many beautiful and unique toys this year.   Let's feed our comic con need by looking at a few of Mattels limited edition 2010 San Diego Comic Con Exclusives.  Many of these beauties will be available in limited amounts online after the convention through, though some of them have accessories that can only be had a Comic-Con.

Masters of the Universe Classics: Color Changing Orko, with Prince Adam
For the more traditional He-Man fans out there (and don’t be misled, there is absolutely such a thing as He-Man traditionalists). An old-school Orko, part of the “Masters of the Universe Classics” line. He even comes with a full-sized, fully articulated Prince Adam “accessory,” sweetening the $25 price tag. Also he changes color.

Mo-Larr vs. Skeletor
Let’s get this one out up front. Yep, it’s Skeletor, and he’s at the dentist. It’s inspired by a Robot Chicken bit, with Mattel’s press materials calling the two-pack the “first ever [Masters of the Universe] figures featured in a Robot Chicken sketch,” implying that there might be more figures from Robot Chicken sketches in the future. Even if you’re not a fan of the Adult Swim show, consider this your long-awaited opportunity to own a really nice figure of Skeletor missing a tooth. (Plus, it’s reminiscent of this awesome painting.) The He-Man exclusives are always great, and go quickly, so this should be an interesting test to determine the drawing power of an Eternian dentist. ($50)

DC Universe Classics: Plastic Man with Suitcase
The cool thing about con exclusives is that companies can really go nuts with the packaging and accessories. Case in point: this Plastic Man comes with all sorts of extra limbs and appendages — plus the glasses there on the packaging can actually be removed and worn, thus doubling as a way to spot the coolest dudes walking the exhibit hall! ($20)

Hot Wheels: Wonder Woman Jet
Apparently, this exclusive originated as an April Fool’s joke on the Hot Wheels Facebook group (those Hot Wheels Facebook jokesters!). Though given recent changes to Wonder Woman’s continuity placing her as growing up in urban America since early childhood, it should probably now be an invisible Jetta. ($5)
DC Universe 75th Anniversary Pack: Starro with Pack of Spores
GFEST CON FAVORITE: the original Justice League, in 3 and 3/4-inch scale, tackling Starro just as they did in their first appearance back in Brave and the Bold #28. The box also includes “lights and sounds,” plus Starro is bendy (bendy Starro!), making this a wholly appealing product. It’s good there’s no pandemic threat like SARS or swine flu this summer, or the bonus “pack of spores” might scare folks off. ($50)

Polly Pocket Dressed for Justice
As the loyal legion of Polly Pocket fans reading this blog have no doubt already surmised, that’s Polly Pocket and her pals Lea and Lila dressed as, respectively, Supergirl, Batgirl and what unearthed, carbon-dated artifacts have suggested might be a primitive version of the Wonder Woman costume. ($20)

Also available: a Mego-style talking Real Ghostbusters Venkman, a Hot Wheels Ecto-1, a 3 and 3/4-inch Lotso from Toy Story 3 and a Cars “Tokyo Mater;” all 20 bucks.

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