Wednesday, July 7, 2010

George Lucas Does Not Want You to Have REAL Lightsabers

A while back, Gfest reported on The Spyder III, is the world's most powerful portable laser.  We also pointed out that it looks an awful lot like a real life lightsaber. 

Well, clearly George Lucas is a regular reader of Gfest, and he agreed with our take.  In fact, he agreed so much that he is now sent a cease-and-desist letter to Hong Kong-based Wicked Lasers, threatening legal action if it doesn't change its Laser series or stop selling it altogether. 

So we apologize to Wicked Lasers.  George Lucas has turned into a dick as of late.  First he ruined Star Wars, then he ruined Indiana Jones.  Now unfortunately, he's coming after you.

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  1. AAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAH!!! Well said! Bravo! ::appluads::