Friday, July 16, 2010

Comic Con International Just OFFICIALLY "Nuked the Fridge"

Alexandre Aja, the Director of Piranha 3-D, was scheduled to show a preview of his movie at Comic Con International in San Diego.  The clip includes a scene of a wet t-shirt contest.  The people who run Comic Con subsequently crapped their pants, and told him he had to cut the scene or he couldn't show the clip to Comic Con's paid attendees. 

It makes gfest's stomach turn to think that the people that run Comic Con, which the King of Comics Jack Kirby and his friends started, is trying to stifle an artist's creative expression.  It's shameful really. 

Gfest has never had a problem with Hollywood's invasion of Comic Con, even though many Comic Con purists have.  The merger of comic books and Hollywood was the fulfillment of Jack Kirby's vision, not its demise.  But censorship?  Well, that's just really, really not cool Comic Con.

Luckily, Aja told Comic Con to shove it, and walked away from Comic Con.  Instead, he will debut his movie at the UA Horton Plaza nearby on the same day that Comic Con 2010 opens. 

Gfest can't help but think that King Kirby would be proud of you Alexandre.


  1. Quit your righteous act. How many times have trailers been submitted and cut without anyone knowing. There's no censorship here and I doubt Comic Con "crapped their pants." A scene or scenes were deemed too racy for an all ages environment and Aja was asked to remove them and he said no, period, end of story. Whoopie! Too bad by him saying no he's gonna get twice as much press for his movie than removing the what, 5 seconds of footage? This isn't a stand against censorship, this a careful marketing move.

  2. Since when is a wet t-shirt contest "creative expression"? For that matter, Piranha 3-D is probably not particularly creative. Fish eating people. Oh wow. That's never been done before.

  3. I'm not saying a wet tshirt scene is the highest form of art, but once you cross that line of censoring, then everything becomes open to censorship request and you put yourself in the position of constantly having to decide upon every request from every nutjob, like the people who think Harry Potter is equal to devil worship. If you don't think censorship of artists is a big deal, perhaps you should contact the CBLDF


  4. And just because the decision may prove a benefit to the piranha movie, doesn't excuse the decision by Comic Con. If the trailer wasn't suitable for an all ages audience, then that should be stated clearly. Let The attendees can decide for themselves. I don't need Comic Con playing big brother for me.