Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bitching a Classic

Bitching A Classic is a fun little game gfesters love to play, because it celebrates to extreme negativity of many comic book fans. We give you little snippets from ridiculously negative customer reviews on Amazon of regarded classics. You see if you can guess the book.

Today's Clues:

  • Is a story by an author who unfortunately seems to be in love with himself and trying to impress readers with how smart, deep and thought-provoking his ideas can be.

  • Is there no one at DC Comics whose job it is to toss a script back into a writer's face and say "What the hell is this @#$% ?"
  • This book is one big mess from start to finish. It's very slow moving and the plot is all over the place. At no time was I sure what was going on. Hundreds of characters are thrown in throughout & I've no idea what they're doing & what the point of them is.

  • The worst comic book / graphic novel in the modern age of comics has arrived. I don't even know where to start with this garbled mess. DC comics should be ashamed of themselves for letting this hit the shelves.

  • The book does 1 thing right, it keeps you turning the page because you are constantly hoping that the next page will possibly explain in plain English what is going on.

So which classic just got bitched up?

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  1. I hardly think Final Crisis counts as a classic...

  2. I wouldn't call it a classic, but Grant Morrison would.

  3. Normally I just roll my eyes at the heathens.. but this time I'd say they're pretty dead on.

  4. Yeah, this one didn't work for me. At one point I guessed FC, but quickly shot it down since it's not really a classic.