Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Photos of Immigrants as Superheroes, Seriously!

Our role models at Comic Alliance created one of the funniest posts we have seen in a long, long time.  It takes a lot to make Gfest laugh out loud just looking at something but this made us fall of our chairs. 

Although these post at first glance are very funny, the pictures prompt a discussion about immigration policy in our country.
"Most of the U.S. national news about immigration is very sad: bitter political disputes in Arizona, or images of desperate immigrants trying to cross the border," photographer Dulce Pinzón wrote, describing the motivation for her photo essay for Foreign Policy.
You know what, Gfest just thinks they're funny.  We are not here to sway your political views.  We are here to make you laugh and take a few minutes to enjoy life's simply pleasures while you spend the rest of your day busting your ass.  But if you would like to read Dulce's Pinzon's article (it is an eye opening read) please head on over to Foreign Policy.

With that said, click read more to see more funny pictures.

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