Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Grant Morrison's New Project '18 Days' Looks Amazing

If you have followed this blog over the last couple of months you know Gfest has a love hate relationship with Grant Morrison.  With that being said, we always seem to purchase his comics whether it is Batman & Robin, Batman: Return of Bruce Wayne or Joe the Barbarian.  I guess your friends at Gfest are Grant's bitches.

To prove our point we were very excited to read from our friends at Newsarama that Dynamite Entertainment and Liquid Comics recently announced a publishing partnership to release an illustrated hardcover book featuring the original scripts created by Grant Morrison for his animated project ‘Grant Morrison’s 18 Days.’  Referred to as "the prototype for every war ever fought," 18 Days re-imagines "Mahabharata," the multi-generational Indian epic that follows the battles that've defined the mythological ages of man.

The artwork for the hardcover book by Indian artist, Mukesh Singh (Devi, Gamekeeper, Shadow Hunter) is simply stunning.  Gfest was blown away by it.

While the film is diving into an area most of us do not fully understand, Grant Morrison was quoted as saying, "No previous knowledge of history or culture is required to read 18 Days Give it a look if you liked Star Wars, 300 or The Lord of the Rings. It pretty much speaks for itself."  Good news for all of us.

To see more stunning artwork by Mukesh Singh click read more.  To see a brief trailer for the animated project 18 days click here.

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