Thursday, June 3, 2010

Gfest Game - Bitching a Classic

Bitching A Classic is a fun little game gfesters love to play, because it celebrates to extreme negativity of many comic book fans. We give you little snippets from ridiculously negative customer reviews on Amazon of highly regarded classics.  You see if you can guess the book.

Today's Clues:
  • The critics who liked this story would have you believe that this story makes superheroes more human, which is what they said about Watchmen. I've read Watchmen, and this isn't even close.
  • Overall, this is a story that DC should have looked at in great detail and rejected as utterly stupid.
  • Composes a story full of plot holes, bad characterization, and enough tired cliches to make any true fan of the genre wince.
  • This pretentious and sorry excuse of a graphic novel should be relegated to the rubbish heap where it belongs.  It heralds DC Comic's year-long spiral into a miasma of grim-and-grittiness not seen in the comics industry since the 1980s
  • How the Justice League finally finds out who was responsible for this murder is so inane I felt unclean after reading the last issue of the mini-series.
So, Which Classic Just Got Bitched Up?  Click HERE for the Answer.

1 comment:

  1. I said it before on another one of these games; I don't think this book is a classic and agreed with most of the comments.