Monday, June 21, 2010

Frank Quitely’s Cover to All Star Superman Absolute Edition

Can comic art get any more poignant and beautiful than Frank Quitely’s Cover to the Absolute Edition of All Star Superman?  Absolutely not.  This incredible cover completely sums up the entire run by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely.  Simply amazing.


  1. Uhmm...the art work is really nice. The artist is clearly talented. But would this cover make me want to buy the comic book? Absolutely not. There's nothing exciting about it. Of course, this is just my opinion. I want a cover that makes you curious about the story inside. This cover does not do that for me.

  2. legitamate point, although for me, the absolute edition is the selling point. That in itself says its a good book that was loved by many. Therefore you get the chance to do more classic artwork for the cover. Do people really do impulse buys of absolute editions?

  3. Very Messianic! Quitely really knows his stuff.