Tuesday, June 15, 2010

E3 2010: NEW Nintendo 3DS is Amazing and really 3D

The best quote on the new system to date is from ign 's Craig Harris,
"Trust me, you really have to see this thing in person to understand why I'm incredibly impressed. Nintendo is using an LCD technology that sends each eye an independent image that the brain merges together, and the effect adds depth. A lot of depth. The effect is immediately obvious, yet seems so natural. And there are multiple sweet spots, so you don't have to awkwardly hold the system in a position that doesn't feel comfortable. If you twist the system you'll get double images and lose the 3D, but it's simple to keep the stereoscopic effect within view.

The first system I played had the trailer for Legends of the Guardians, the upcoming owl movie from Warner Bros. I've seen this played in front of Alice in Wonderland, in 3D, and the depth effect on the 3DS screen is just as pronounced as the RealD version I saw in theaters. The same can be said for the How to Train Your Dragon and Disney's Tangled: fantastic video quality and excellent 3D depth."
To read about the 3DS specs click read more

Similar in appearance to the existing DS iterations, it will include a 3.5 inch wide-screen display capable of showing 3D visuals, as well as a standard 4:3 touch screen below.

The D-pad has been moved down to make way for an analogue disc, while a gyro sensor will enable tilt controls for new game-play opportunities.

As well as a camera on the inside of the device, two cameras on the outside can capture stereoscopic 3D pictures, a first for a mass market product.

There will also be a push for multimedia and online functionality, with partners for 3D film distribution in the works. Meanwhile, a network will allow the sharing of information online regardless of the game, much like Xbox Live and PSN.

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