Friday, June 4, 2010

Did Dan Didio Just Bitch Slap Vertigo Comics?

A Rich Johnson rumor says that Dan Didio has decided to take Swamp Thing away from Vertigo to bring him back to the DC Universe.

Recently demoted DC Comics Co-Publisher Dan DiDio has decided that a new Swamp Thing title will be released under the DC banner, instead of a planned reboot from science fiction author China Mieville.

What's more, Johnston contends that the Didio proclamation extends to any of the Vertigo superheroes that originated in the DC Universe.

Many are outraged by this move, but it makes a lot of sense to gfest.  While Vertigo's roots are in edgier takes on classic DC superheroes, that's not what drives the Vertigo train today.  Today Vertigo is THE home for highly acclaimed original series like 100 Bullets, Preacher, Scalped, DMZ, Transmetropolitan and Y: The Last Man.

For years, Vertigo's flagship series was Hellblazer, but that's no longer the case.  Today, Fables rules the world of Vertigo. 

So mark it down, today gfest agreed with a Dan Didio decision.  We're as shocked as you are.

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  1. What is that picture of Dark Knight Returns style Batman smacking Rorschach from?