Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bartman Begins

Alexander G otherwise known as itchandscratchy on deviantART created this Batman Begins/Simpsons parody piece that is fantastic.  He explains his inspiration below:
The Scarecrow's real name is Dr. Crane wich is also the name of Kelsey Grammer's character from Fraiser who also voices Sideshow Bob. Which explains the reason why I drew him as that villian. The Joker likes to laugh at people's pain, same does Nelson and are the bad guys Bart and Batman has known the longest. Lisa and Poison Ivy both want to prevent pollution and preserve plant life, but isn't able to do so successfully. Ivy does it in a criminal way and Lisa ends up causing a fuzz or annoying people.
 Gfest loves Bartman Begins.  For more great artwork by Alexander G at deviantART.

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