Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sneak a Peak at Green Lantern Corps #43

Gfest loves GREEN LANTERN. We also love Green Lantern Corps, except for Guy Gardner, who is such a whiny little biotch!  With that said, Peter Tomasi (one of the best new writers in comics) with his wonderful prose helped me manage my anger towards Guy Gardner and allowed me to enjoy reading this title. 

I am hopeful that when this new era for the GREEN LANTERN CORPS begins and Tony Bedard steps in as the book’s regular writer, joined by artist Ardian Syaf, it will continue to pacify me.  The first story arc is titled “Revolt of the Alpha Lanterns,”  Here is a page from their first issue. With? Drum roll please, Guy Freakin' Gardner.  Son of a Biotch!


  1. You do realize that the book was started as a Guy Gardner book?

    Don't worry, Guy is getting a spinoff and will be leaving the GLC book after this arc.

    It is somewhat sad that you can't appreciate the greatest Green Lantern of all time, though.

  2. Greatest green lantern of all time?
    I want some of what you're smoking.
    No surprise you signed that comment anonymous.

  3. Guy Gardener does rock. What other GL opened his own bar and took on thousands of Black Lanterns single-handedly?