Tuesday, May 11, 2010

SDCC 2010 Saloon Leila (Megan Fox) ‘Jonah Hex’ Exclusive

As if Gfest needed another reason to attend 2010 SDCC or another reason to LOVE Megan Fox.

Tonner reveals its San Diego Comic Con International show exclusive, Leila from Warner Bros. Entertainment’s upcoming feature film, Jonah Hex.  An authorized likeness of Leila (as portrayed by Megan Fox), “Saloon Leila” is 16″ tall and is limited to 200 pieces.  Saloon Leila is $149.99 and can be purchased in Tonner booth 4148.

Unfortunately, Gfest knows down deep, deep in their heart of hearts this is the closest we will get to holding Megan Fox.  But we'll take it.  Race you to the booth 4148.

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