Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Next Playboy Will Feature Hope Dworaczyk in 3D

Apparently, Hugh Hephner invented 3D or something.  According to MSNBC, when Heff launched Playboy back in the 50's, he hired a photographer to shoot two girls nude in 3D. But the price of packaging the 3D glasses with the magazine was too high. This week, Hef's dream becomes a reality.

In an effort to bolster low readership, the June 2010 edition of Playboy, ON SALE HERE, will feature centerfold Hope Dworaczyk in good old fashioned blue and red glasses 3D. 

This is Playboy's big plan? Not good. The magazine has seen circulation plummet from 3.5 million to 1.5 million in less than five years.  The Playboy Mansion had to be sold off.  It's not hard to see why. 

Thanks a lot for the ancient 3D technology, Heff.  But gfest will pass.  We'll just look at her picture above instead.

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