Monday, May 10, 2010

The Hottest, Sexiest, Wizard at Hogwarts Part Trois!

Gfest does not speak French.  Despite the use of Deux last week and Trois this week.  These are just a reference to the 90's movie Hot Shots, staring everybody's favorite role model, Charlie Sheen. Although, Gfest would buy the Rosetta Stone to learn French if it meant we could have a go at the French Prime Minister's wife,Carla Bruni.

Sorry Hermione always gets Gfest all flustered and off-track.  How could she not?  Just look at her.  Enjoy another, sexier picture of the luscious and captivating Emma Watson in this months Vanity Fair Magazine. 

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  1. My heart still goes to Luna Lovegood. :)