Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Gfest Comic Book Must Buys of the Week

Batman and Robin #12
All is revealed in this final installment of 'Batman vs. Robin' - the identity of the Domino Killer, the terrifying secret of the dominoes, and the shocking truth behind El Penitente! All of this, plus the surprising return of a fan-favorite character.

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Now, if you have ever spent anytime on Gfest you know we HATE the new Batman and Robin.  You also know that your loyal friend drafting this post have a love hate relationship with the author of this particular title.  He's my Tito Ortiz.  No matter how many bruises he gives me, I keep coming back.  With all that said, I am hopeful this issue will tie this story up and prepare us for the Return of Bruce Wayne, which releases next week. Tomorrow when I have fresh bruises, remind me to stay away from the Scottish Tito Ortiz.

Brightest Day #1
What does Brightest Day mean to the DC Universe? Is everything from here on out going to be bright and shiny? No, Brightest Day means something else entirely, something we can't tell you...yet. But we can tell you our heroes will need to rise up more than ever to combat the forces of evil, and a select few will uncover a secret that binds them ALL.

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I went into Blackest Night presuming I would dislike the series.  Can you blame me? After being disappointed by Infinite Crisis and being water-boarded by Final Crisis, I felt as everyone did after watching Superman Returns - WTF is this?  To my surprise, I enjoyed the Blackest Night Story - Geoff Johns and DC produced an event that was well planned and thought out.  Then comes Brightest Day with it's potpourri of characters, I could really give a Sh*#t about, trying to figure out why they were chosen.  I am going to stick with Brightest Day (despite being disappointed by issue #0) hoping the DC brass can get it right twice in a row.

Red Robin #12
Every single moment of the last year has led to this fight between Red Robin and Ra's al Ghul. Who has Ra's been talking to all this time in the shadows? Why was Lucius Fox so desperate to find Tim Drake? And why was Tim so certain that Bruce Wayne is alive in issue #1? All questions are answered.

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As much as Gfest loves Bruce Wayne we equally love Tim Drake. That's why your friends at Gfest are the Dynamic Duo.  Christopher Yost has done a wonderful job with this series.  I cannot say enough about the the various story-lines throughout this series - search for Bruce, Ras Al Ghul, League of Assassins, Blackest Night Rasand Batman and Robin tie ins.  It has been a wonderfully well written and beautifully drawn ride.  The ride has been so good that it ALMOST made me forget that Dan Didio and Grant Morrison had Tim Drake F'd in the A.

Walking Dead HC Volume #5
This hardcover features another 12 issues (49-60) of the hit series along with the covers for the issues all in one oversized hardcover volume. Perfect for long time fans, new readers, and anyone interested in reading a zombie movie on paper that never ends.

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There are maybe a dozen books on the market right now that cause Gfest excitement upon their monthly release dates. The genius named Robert Kirkman authors two of these books - The Walking Dead and Invincible.  The Walking Dead is the Megan Fox of graphic novel literature - you just can't get enough of it.  The art and the prose are beautiful, sexy and captivating.  If you have not read this series, you can thank Gfest by posting a comment.  And you will thank us because the series is exactly the opposite of what you think it will be, prior to reading it. 

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