Wednesday, May 5, 2010

First Look at Caveman Batman - The Return of Bruce Wayne

By now you know that Gfest loves the real Batman not the artificial, whiny cretin that presently occupies the cape and cowl.

Final Crisis #6 was a bitter sweet moment for Gfest.  Batman took down the most powerful New God, Darkseid but was immediately thumped by the Omega Sanctions and presumed dead.

Your friends at Gfest (and the real Robin, Tim Drake), being well versed in all things Kirby, knew that Batman was not dead but forced to live a never ending series different lives with no knowledge of his prior being.

Next week it all changes (AT LAST) and we finally get the real Batman, Bruce Wayne back into the DC Universe.  It starts with Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne, the mini-series from writer Grant Morrison.

Promising to bring Bruce Wayne back to the DCU, the mini-series traces what happened to the Dark Knight after he was presumed dead, but apparently traveled through time.

And it all starts with Caveman Batman.

Since each issue of The Return of Bruce Wayne will be drawn by a different artist, the first look at the character's journey will be drawn by Chris Sprouse, who is establishing Issue #1's setting in prehistoric times.

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Thanks to Newsarama for the Picture.

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