Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Extended 'Tron Legacy Trailer' is Better than Wearing Neon Clothes

Screen Rant assembled a new Tron Legacy trailer by remixing all the released trailers to date. 
Screen Rant's Tron Legacy trailer places more of an emphasis on the relationship between Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund) and his long-lost father Kevin (Jeff Bridges) than the official Tron Legacy trailer does -- quite fittingly too, since their relationship looks to be pivotal to the film’s plot as a whole.

It also offers a nice glimpse at some of the Tron Legacy characters -- including the lovely Olivia Wilde in her skin-tight, virtual suit -- and mouth-watering CGI-visuals we’ll get to eventually see in action on the big screen. Just enough so, that is, that viewers will still be left yearning for more.

A huge Gfest thanks to Mike Eisenberg and Screen Rant for this well fashioned trailer.  It will at least provide you with a little bit of a fix until we can see the real deal in 3D in December. 

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