Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Do you Love Sports and Beautiful Sexy Women?

Then you will love today's Gfest Birthday - Erin Andrews.  She's the hottest reporter in all of sports. It's no wonder that Playboy magazine ranked her in 2007 as "America's Sexiest Sportscaster," beating out Lindsay Soto and Krista Voda. Andrews garnered almost 40% of the vote from the user-determined contest. The most popular video montage of Andrews on YouTube has been viewed over one million times.

Is there anything worse than to sit down in from of the TV on a beautiful Fall day to watch your favorite college football game and see that Jack Arute, Lynn Swan or worse a non-Erin Andrews female sideline reporter.

Happy Gfest Birthday Erin.  Here's to looking through the peep-hole at ya.

If you can't get enough of female sportscasters, COED Magazine has a list of the 25 sexiest sportscasters.  Click here to view

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